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Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

“The increasing presence of cloud computing and mobile smartphones is driving the digitization of everything across both consumer and enterprise domains. It is hard to imagine any area of human activity which is not being re-engineered under this influence, either at present or in the way near future.”

  • Geoffrey Moore

The quote above implies that everything is on the cloud today. Even the pictures you click on your smartphone are stored in the cloud. In the arena of cloud services, there is competition among many cloud providers including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and more.

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Interesting facts:

  • According to data by the hosting tribunal, it is expected that the data stored on the cloud will surpass the mark of 100 zettabytes.
  • Around 94% of enterprises utilize the cloud
  • According to Gartner, more than USD 1.3 trillion in IT investments are going to be affected by migration to the cloud by the year 2022.
  • Around 83% of the workloads of enterprises were on the cloud by the end of 2020.
  • Late this year, it was said that the revenue growth of Google Cloud Platform was again “meaningfully above cloud overall”

Google Cloud Platform, which is gaining popularity among enterprises and also small businesses, has seen massive growth in the last quarter of 2021.

Let’s have an overview of the Google Cloud Platform.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Put simply, a suite of public cloud services offered by Google is on the Google Cloud Platform. The suite of services includes Storage, Networking, Computing, Management, and Machine Learning services. They run on the same cloud as is used internally by Google for its products such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Photos, and YouTube.

The services offered by Google Cloud Platform can be accessed by cloud administrators, software developers, and other enterprises IT professionals through dedicated network connections as well as over the public internet.

Reasons for using Google Cloud Platform

When the market is full of various cloud service providers, it is difficult to choose the one that best suits your company. Even if a cloud platform is not on the top of the list of best cloud platforms, the services provided by it may match your requirements and that cost-effectively and efficiently.

Google is ruling over the minds of people who hardly know anything about technology. Moreover, the server of Google has never crashed. The trust it has earned among the people worldwide is the biggest strength of Google.

Google Cloud Platform offers services in different locations including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. The locations are further divided into zones and regions. It allows you to choose to locate your applications that meet your requirements including availability, latency, and durability requirements. Google Cloud Platform offers services across 15 regions and 3 zones in each region.

Some of the strong reasons to opt for GCP are:

  • Competitive Pricing

One of the most significant reasons for going with GCP is the prices at which it offers services. This is the reason that Google is outperforming other cloud platforms. Google Cloud Platform offers a pricing plan on a monthly basis.

Its pricing model offers committed use discounts which imply that if you commit to purchase a particular amount of vCPUs and memory for 1 or 3 years, it offers you a discount of 57%.

  • Speed

GCP is gaining popularity because it provides its App Customers and Google Cloud with a network speed of around 10 Tbs.

Its network has connections around the world including countries such as the United States, Europe, major hubs in Asia, important cities in Japan, and many more locations.

It allows for high customer satisfaction by providing low-latency networks that process data in significantly less time.

  • Big Data

Google provides various innovative tools meant for cloud warehousing such as BigQuery and real-time data processing tools such as Google Cloud Dataflow.

The data warehouse, BigQuery, enables enormous processing of data at really high speeds. GCP has also launched new and innovative tools for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Google Cloud Platform Components

The important features of GCP are its different components and services. They are:


This service enables computing and hosting the cloud. The different services that are covered in this section are:

  • App Engine
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Run

Storage and Databases

This service allows the application to store media files, create backups, and other objects. The services covered in this section are:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud BigTable
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Datastore


These services allow you to load-balance traffic across various resources, creating DNS records and many other tasks. These services are:

  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Cloud CDN
  • Cloud DNS
  • Cloud Interconnect
  • Cloud Armor
  • VPC
  • Network Service Tiers

Big Data

These services allow you to process as well as query Big Data in the cloud. Some of the services included in this section are:

  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Cloud Datalab
  • Cloud Data Studio
  • BigQuery

Developer Tools

These are the services meant for enabling application and software development. These include:

  • Cloud Code
  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Cloud Build
  • Cloud Tasks
  • Cloud SDK
  • Artifact Registry (Beta)

Identity and Security

Meant for providing services related to security and authentication, this includes:

  • Cloud IAM
  • Cloud Identity
  • Security Key Enforcement
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention API

Internet of Things (IoT)

GCP enables you to create IoT environments with the tools that include:

  • Edge TPU
  • Cloud IoT
  • Cloud IoT Core

Cloud AI

This includes services that are related to machine learning and includes components such as:

  • Cloud Natural Language
  • Cloud AutoML
  • Cloud Text-to-Speech
  • Cloud Speech-to-text
  • Cloud Translation API
  • Cloud Vision API
  • Cloud Video Intelligence

Management Tools

Management and monitoring services are provided by this component and the services that come under this component are:

  • Cloud Console
  • Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Cloud Shell
  • Cloud APIs

API Platform

Some of the services coming under this component are:

  • Developer Portal
  • API Analytics
  • Maps Platform
  • Cloud Endpoints
  • Apigee Sense


After going through the introduction of the cloud giant Google Cloud Platform, it is obvious that it can open great career options for IT professionals across every industry. With a massive number of companies, regardless of their size and type, adopting cloud for leveraging the services offered, there is a surge in the demand for cloud professionals.

To make a career in Google Cloud Platform, you can opt for getting certified in various certifications offered by GCP. To get certified, you can enroll yourself in an online training course and get various benefits along with best-in-class training.

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