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Insights on Design Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Post Graduation Courses

Mechanical engineering is a field that has much more to offer and this is one of the most popular subcategories of engineering that deals with the construction of exterior and internal moving materials of machines. Every domain uses machinery in one or another way and that is why mechanical engineers are in huge demand. Professionals usually feel a need to make their profiles a little more impressive by adding on some Post Graduation Courses After B.Tech. Designing courses are the best for making one enhancing and improving their chances of getting picked up by a job.

Let us have a look at the Design Courses For Mechanical Engineers:

  1. Automotive Body Design: This design deals with developing the outward appearance of motor vehicles. This includes motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, etc. The design affects the performance of vehicles and even also this is a part of the procedure where the appeal of the vehicle is created. This course even includes product planning, research, and clay model development which are a part of the design concept.
  2. Plumbing design: This course deals with navigating the water to all the occupants of the land. This system still stands strong. Plumbing design mainly focuses on pipes, fixtures, and tubing and has the main goal of finding an effective way to distribute water from source to user. Plumbing design course holds huge scope in getting work in government and private sector. This course even includes studying about economy, materials, construction, drainage system, and water supply system.
  3. Aircraft body designing: Aviation has observed a huge development. There has been an increase in the number of travelers in airplanes because of the comfortness it can afford. This is an uptake course for students who are trained in the field of aircraft body designing. In this course you will be taught about airframe design, wing design, tailplane design, engine nacelle design, and even know how to boost the performance of aircraft.
  4. Fire fighting designing: This course helps in training mechanical engineers in the field of firefighting design. This course has few similarities with plumbing as pipes and tubing are similar in the transfer of water. It is highly necessary that interested students must be trained about a building that is installed with a water supply for firefighting purposes.
  5. Tool designing: It is highly essential to have the right tools for performing any task. A mechanical engineer who has completed a course in tool designing must entail designing tools. This course will help not in designing screwdrivers and players but even large-scale automated machines that are used in industries. After this course, you will get a chance to be hired by a company that designs these machines and even sell these to major industries or as a technician for the company that buys and use these machines.


Mechanical engineering is a diverse field and the above mentioned are some of the courses. Depending on the interest, one can choose the way one will choose. These courses are a combinats concepts that are most commonly used mechanical industrial applications. This course holds the ability to design, measure, analyze and even visualize the same in a real-world environment.

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