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If I Only Could Make a Deal With God Lyrics

do you ever get a little bit tired of life lyrics

Kate Bush explains the song’s meaning:

“It’s saying that if the man and woman could make a deal with God, to switch places so they’d know what each other was experiencing, all the little problems would be resolved. “

The song was first released on August 5, 1985, as the lead single from her album Hounds of Love. Read more about : do you ever get a little bit tired of life lyrics.

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What do you fear?

Your biggest fear keeps you from taking the steps needed to reach your goals. It is usually a complex bundle of thoughts, feelings and inaction that can be broken down into many smaller fears, such as the fear of failing, of rejection or of being alone.

Most of your fear is based in your primitive brain which sees any loss of what you know as a threat that needs to be avoided to survive. The good news is, it can be trained to behave differently with exposure therapy. This involves slowly approaching the source of your fear, in a safe way.

What do you dream of?

If a person features regularly in your dreams, it may suggest that there is some unresolved business with them. It also could be a sign that you are resenting them or have something you want to tell them but haven’t got round to. It’s often the case that people who feature regularly in our dreams are someone we know, like an ex, and it can be quite frustrating when they keep popping up.

Dreaming of strangers, however, is more common, and these filler faces might be colleagues at work or friends we haven’t met yet. It may be that you are putting others’ needs before your own and that it is time to claim your rights. Read more about : do you ever get a little bit tired of life lyrics.

Kate Bush originally intended to title the song ‘A Deal With the Devil,’ but changed it on her producer’s advice, fearing that this would have religious connotations and alienate certain audiences. The lyrics imagine a man and woman exchanging places with each other in order to understand each other better.

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