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laptop charger online

Just like humans, electronics also age eventually. Except the human body runs via organs and electronics sustained through batteries. It seemed like a surreal phenomenon when the battery was invented, and it allowed people to charge them and nurture their electronic goods. It is impossible to imagine life without laptops in today’s time.

Whether working on an assignment or meeting work deadlines, browsing the internet, or playing games, laptops have become an intrinsic part of life. But remember that electronic batteries have a life cycle that eventually ends. Remember that buying a new laptop or any electronics will burn a hole in your pocket.

Hence use your electronics mindfully and shield the battery life. The battery life is contingent on the type of gadget and the number of hours that a person uses it daily. If your charger is on the fritz, you can buy a laptop charger online now.

There are numerous ways to test your laptop battery. If it is difficult for you to excuse yourself from work to buy a new charger, buy your laptop charger online.

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You can assess your laptop back to you by implementing a few steps:

  • System diagnostics

These steps might slightly differ depending on the type of laptop you use. Commence with unplugging the power chord and shutting the laptop off. Subsequently, press the power button and restart the laptop. Then, press the escape key and allow the laptop to power back on. Doing so will stimulate the start-up menu where you must select the system diagnostics.

This will lead you to a variety of diagnostic tests where you must choose a battery test. After that, plug the power cord back in and begin the battery test. Once the test is completed, you will see results like ok, calibrate, weak, replace, unknown, etc., your next course of action will depend on these results.

  • Clever trick

Another clever trick to troubleshoot the laptop’s battery is removing the battery and allowing the laptop to function on the charging adapter. If the laptop functions flawlessly, it will tell you whether the problem is with your battery or your PC. This is one of the most commonly used techniques by most people.


Our laptops are such an essential part of our lives that we wish to take great care of them. Be mindful of these tips to maintain longevity for your laptop‘s battery life:

  1. Even though this might sound futile, try blowing the laptop 10 to 15 minutes on the back to keep it cool. Turn it over while doing so and perform this exercise daily. One of the most crucial reasons for battery deterioration is overheating the processor. The best way to preserve your battery is by storing it at a cool temperature. You may have noticed that your phone starts passing under intense heat or the sun. The laptops manifest a similar reaction.
  2. Never leave your laptop plugged into the charger. Overcharging may wreck your battery life and cause deterioration. The 40/80 rule is ideal when it comes to charging your laptop.


Take sufficient care of your laptop to ensure longevity. If you ill-treat it, you may have to change the battery intermittently.

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