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High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes

High BP causes

A complex network of vessels or tubes called arteries run through the body. The heart, a constantly working organ, pumps blood around the body through those tubes, with each heartbeat against the artery walls.

The strength of this force of blood against the arteries is in simple “blood pressure.” This “Pressure” changes regularly depending upon the body’s need and state of rest, whether active, relaxing, emotional, or stimulants such as caffeine and drugs.

When an individual’s blood pressure becomes higher than usual in a state of rest and remains above the average or recommended level, this is what high blood pressure is. High BP causes hypertension leading to damaged arteries due to things like excessive salt consumption and cholesterol.

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The excessive forced hard work of the heart contributes to the hardening of atherosclerosis, which brings into the plate the potential possibility of having a heart attack, stroke, or organ damage as kidney and heart failure.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the occurrence of high blood pressure in India is about 25%, and one in four adults in India suffer from high blood pressure.

In terms of how you can check your blood pressure, there are machines or monitors built to perform such tasks. What is a regular blood pressure reading? Well, for the average percentage of people, the optimal Pressure is 120/below 80.

It also depends on several factors of the person taking the reading. With different stages of high blood pressure from the warning stage, which is 130 over 80, followed up with high normal pressure above 130-139 /80-89, and finally, hypertension crisis that is 180/ higher than 120.

People who are likely to develop high blood pressure include smokers, pregnant women, people on medication such as women on birth control, people over the age of 35, overweight or less active, an unhealthy diet, etc.

More than causes, there are reasons why an individual would have high blood pressure, such as:

Excessive Alcohol: Temporarily drinking alcohol increases blood pressure but permanently or on a long-term basis; excessive drinking can lead to regular and future implicated high blood pressure.

Nicotine and smoking: In the act of vaping and smoking, blood pressure goes up, leading to damage to the arteries over time, causing fatal health risks to be a reality.

Improper diet and excess process and salty food: Consumption of such types of food, which include excessive salt, makes us store extra water in our system, which increases blood pressure followed by an improper diet that gives harmful nutrients to the body to function.

Obesity: Scientifically overweight individuals have excess calories and unwanted fats, which cause an increase in blood pressure that is not recommended. Removing even a couple of extra fat decreases blood pressure.

Stress: Any emotional release or tension such as stress causes hormonal layoffs in the body, increasing blood pressure, even with differences and links in between long-term blood pressure and ongoing stress.

Glandular problems and disease: kidney diseases or conditions that affect your arteries, heart, or gland system can cause high blood pressure: Having type 1 and type 2 diabetes makes the person twice as liable to getting high blood pressure.

Age: As simple as it may be, generation needs to be considered when one is most affected by high blood pressure when one grows older.

Medication: Birth control, paracetamol, etc., every or most medication has a side effect. Some include the impact of fluctuating blood pressure.

Relations and genes: High blood pressure runs in the family, so having a family member that is affected by this is likely to affect you.

Overall, the causes of high BP are many, but all are recognizable as a “bad habit,” which can be corrected through behavior change. Though the symptoms of high blood pressure are difficult to pinpoint, they can still be easily monitored through a BP machine. Being consistent in monitoring one’s health and limits to habits goes a long way.

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