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5 Basic Tricks For Establishing Foscam Wireless Security Camera

Foscam Wireless Security Camera

The Foscam wireless security camera provides a high-quality digital video camera with a powerful and strong web server. It helps to bring clear video to your phone or desktop. You can access the camera with the help of the app from anywhere, anytime in the world. It helps to provide detection alerts with 110 ° of wider camera angle and can be connected wirelessly with the help of any available internet connection. It can be worked in any kind of outside atmosphere like sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, and windy days as well. Also, it provides infrared night vision quality so you can keep an eye on every circumstance.

The Foscam wireless security camera provides HD video as well as HD captured images with 30fps of high-speed by using hardware compression technology. It helps to maintain the camera system with the help of the web browser. Also helps to configure and upgrade the firmware of the Foscam wireless security camera.

Key Features of The Foscam wireless security camera

The Foscam wireless security camera is an integrated IP security camera with color CMOS sensors. It helps to provide high-quality digital video using a strong web server. The basic function of the camera is it helps to transmit the high quality of video image with a 300-degree pan and 120 degrees tilt so the users can get more complete control. It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Supports daylight time and image snapshot

You can check the LED status of the wireless IP security camera. If the camera flashes the red LED light it means the camera is ready to turn on. Also, it supports the day and night infrared function which helps for the automatic adjustments in the daylight and low light circumstances. Place the camera where it can block the daylight and capture high-quality images. It helps to move away from the lens and capture images even in the low light during the night.

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Supports WPS/WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption

The security camera setup does support the WPS/WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption protocols from hacking the data. It helps to prevent unauthorized access or any kind of damage to the data of the wireless security cameras. It uses the WPA encryption security system to improve the security of WEP. In many of the security cameras, it is pre-installed. While setting up the camera or creating an account, you should choose a strong password instead of a weak one which helps to prevent hacking your camera system.

Powerful color motion sensors

Actually, the Foscam security camera can capture the videos and images in the color even at night. It is the image sensors in the camera that helps to capture the video in the powerful color motions. During the night, when the lights shut off of your area it can observe it clearly. It has red or green IR LED light that helps to capture the movements even in the dark.

Pan 300 degree and tilt 120 degree

It has pan and tilt technology that helps to adjust the camera’s aim and zoom function. The users of the camera have remotely controlled the zoom function to watch the movements accurately. It involves motion on motion design technology which can easily control the one axis of the motion along with other motions. Also, the camera automatically activates the alarm system when someone tries to tamper with it. This feature can help you a lot to detect unwanted activities and instantly take action on them.

Five Simple and Basic tricks for the set up of the Foscam wireless security camera

The Foscam IP wireless camera setup is basically simple. It does not need any technical support. You can also record when there is a motion. In the camera, Blue Iris for PCs and Evocam for Macs are video security programs designed to operate the camera in a unique way.

Read Before using the camera

Before setting up the camera read and verify all the spare parts that come along with the foscam camera in the box. Read all the basic instructions carefully from the manual to avoid damage due to faulty assembly and installation. It is the way to ensure the camera setup.

Check the packaging contents

Properly check all the contents with the camera. In the package, it should contain IP CAM × 1, Wi-Fi Antenna × 1, Wi-Fi Antenna × 1, Mounting bracket × 1, CD × 1, Quick Installation Guide × 1, Warranty Card × 1, Network Cable × 1. These are the items that come along with the wireless security camera.

Description About the camera

At this point, you will get to know about the physical description of the camera. Its speakers focused lens infrared 11R LEDs, Microphones system, and WiFi antenna. Also about the back and bottom view of the camera. 

Back View

On the back view, you will see RJ-45/10-100 LAN, DC 5V/2A Power supply, cable connection of the LED system starts blinking when there is a power cable connection, works well when the power adapter is connected, jack used to plug in an external microphone and external speaker. 

Bottom View

About the bottom view, you will see the labels that are connected to the body of the camera. These labels are the proof that this Foscam is the original product, if it doesn’t have those labels on its body then it’s a clone product. For more detailed information about the Foscam wireless security camera, you can read the manual guide.

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