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Everything to Know About Skill-Lync Certification Courses

Skill-Lync fee structure

Skill-Lync offers multifarious certifications as well as courses that help one gain a much stronger foothold in the sweeping talent hunt for work opportunities as well as for ones who are looking for promotions to better job directories in their respective existing workplaces. To have an equal footing with academic and professional counterparts, self-growth, improvement and development and especially the ones aiming for proficiency in the career path that they have chosen for themselves, it is imperative for them to learn relentlessly, understand and know better the advancements made in the field of their choice, constantly.

Skill-Lync’s rare certification options and staggering placement ratios are quite remarkably commendable for a company that started offering relevant courses for engineers in 2015. It aptly claims to bridge the gap between industrial application and the studied formularization of the same. By providing hands-on experience through industry-relevant projects you will be able to produce value right from the first day at your work. The courses are offered through online, which will help you to learn at your own place and in your personalised schedule.

Skill-Lync on average shows an impressive 150 placements per month, the mentorship and guidance of around 350 industry experts and a reach list of more than 200 actively hiring and employing lucrative companies like Ola, Tata ELXSI, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Capgemini etc. Skill-Lync promises to support their course enrollers to flourish in their respective chosen field of work, hone their craft and enhance their competence and performance in the thoroughfare from the grassroots level of preparation to being key and befitting employees for major companies.

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Courses, Projects and Workshops Offered for Engineering and Business

Skill-Lync offers multiple workshops and courses followed by equally enticing and highly paying job offers (up to 11 lakhs per annum). The following are some of the popular, widely participated and enrolled-in courses of Skill-Lync:

  • Introduction to Model-Based Development- using MATLAB/ Simulink (Electrical domain)
  • Post Graduate Program in CAD (Design Domain)
  • Post Graduate Program in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD domain)
  • Post Graduate program in Autonomous Vehicles (Autonomous Domain)
  • Post Graduate Program in Complete Passenger Car Design & Product Development (Design Domain)

The Skill-Lync fee structure is 30,000 to 3.5 Lac (for course durations of 4 weeks-48 months respectively), and for specific courses, it can be found on their respective websites.

The Skill-Lync Process

The four easy steps of pulling the lever to take a career dive and drive are:

  • Get enrolled in a Postgraduate program offered by Skill-Lync for the duration of eight to twelve months and complete it.
  • While learning one can build their profile on Skill-Lync by displaying the course bought and taken over time.
  • One can gain easy understanding and acquire knowledge from the video programs offered and also rely on support in the event of incomprehension or queries.
  • Finally, after passing assessments and achieving a certificate for the course one has enrolled themselves in, it’s time to be hired by the greatest companies nationwide!


According to national estimates, around 15 lakh students aspiring to become engineers or turn to technological streams of education, and around 2.5 lakh students secure their positions in universities and jobs, later on, to facilitate the services in their respective domains of work. Additionally, around 23 lakh students have a graduate management education in India, and many of them settle abroad. Skill-Lync’s colossal scope around and over two of the most prolific areas of academics and employment (engineering and business) has helped many students create success stories and has secured its course enablers and followers hundreds of placements and jobs over the years.

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