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How to connect the client device to your DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router

DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router

The DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router is the latest technological device. The availability of the product for the first time is 28 December 2020. They have many options on the back of the device to connect the connection. 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 1 Gigabit WAN port, and 1 USB 2.0 port, and 1 USB 3.0 port for wired connection with your smartphones, computer, laptop, and tablet. One is the WPS button to increase the performance of their router. The data transferring rate is 5500 Megabits per second with a 5GHz radiofrequency. We can connect their pc with the wifi via a wireless connection or wired connection. They can control the d-link router through voice control, google assistant, and Alexa. Information and instruction on the router are given on the d-link App or on the configuration card.

The D-Link DIR-X5460 WiFi 6 Router Setup steps of the router are given on the router app of the wifi. If you follow the correct steps of the setup, you don’t need to use the reset button of reset and WPS. when you don’t provide a better internet connection, the option is to use the WPS button. The WPS button restarts the wifi and you do not need to set the setting of their wifi again. Now, I am going to discuss the method to connect the wireless and wired client device with the d-link router in the upcoming paragraphs.

Ways to connect the client device to DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router

There are many ways to connect your router with the client device. To commence with,

First, you need to click the WPS button and hold it for 1 second when the LEDs light will not start blinking and after blinking the router light. You just need to connect your wireless wifi router and when the blinking of the light is stopped. So, understand that your device connection will succeed and be secured.

Connect to window 10

To begin with, Steps to connect the router with the d-link wifi router are mentioned in the underlines. Firstly, click on the icon of the router network for opening the icon on the display of the computer. From the list of the wireless networks to select the icon of a router within the range of your computer wifi. Choose network taping on the SSID of the router. Secondly, click on the connect option on the chosen SSID. Thirdly, enter the password of the d-link router. After that, your computer saves the password of the router as well as the router’s SSID. and then your PC connects automatically to the router.

Connection with the window 8

Ways to connect the Windows 8 PC with the DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router. Initially, click on the icon of the computer network which is given on the taskbar of the computer. Secondly, click on that icon within the range of the computer. Thirdly, enter the password for the connection which is given on the configuration card of the D-link. Then, if you want the network-protected setup and tap on the WPS button of the router which is given on the back of the router. Then your device is connected with the router full of security and high performance. Ai last, your connection is successful.

Connection with the window 7

Firstly try dlinkrouter local and put it on the address bar. Initially, click on the taskbar, and after that opening, the list of networks select the icon of the network within the range of your computer. And then, tap on the SSID of the router and then enter the password of the device, and sometimes, the computer does not connect with the router. After that click on the checking problem and troubleshooting option. And then your computer detects the problem and solves it. At last, click on the connect option for the connection. After 2-3 seconds your wifi is connected with windows 7.


The DLink DIRX5460 WiFi 6 Router is a very wonderful device and it connects approximately 24 devices with us. My uncle has a big home. So, I purchased this product last month from amazon. Unfortunately, the same day I went to their home for some work and then saw that product, I asked my uncle about this device, he told me all the information and features about this device. I realized that it’s such a nice device for the coverage of the internet. dlink router local with this, we can log in their device into a web browser to see all about this product.

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