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Casino Write For US : You Need To Know GuideLines

Casino Write For US


There are millions of casinos performing the games these days, in which many people are involved due to gambling. If you want to understand that every casino on the first is as reliable as the latter can be a fairly risky means of intuition to say the trivial. A very few will always be the opposite. For such reasons, it is in the involvement of the gamer to first analyze whether or not their designated site is undoubtedly reliable before passing any cash. So, do you know what it is and what makes an online casino reliable or contrarily? Is it a possibility of trial and error until you discover one that fits, or is there something else you need to watch out for before opting? So why don’t you write for us, casino today?

The online gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace, and this is making it even more important for casinos to utilize professional bloggers to increase their online presence. Write For Us Casino offers writers the opportunity to earn cash by writing about topics that are relevant to the casino industry. You can submit your articles for consideration in several categories, and you can also choose to have your articles published by a casino’s website or blog. You can also choose to have your content published on the company’s website if you are unable to do so yourself.

To be considered for a Guest Post for our site, you must have some experience in writing about gambling or casinos. A gambling & casino article can be anything from a humorous story to a serious and thoughtful argument. If you have experience writing about gambling, this is the perfect opportunity for you. As a writer, you will have access to a wide variety of topics, including online casinos, casino gaming, and gambling. If you can write well about any topic, you can be assured that we will be interested in your content.

Write for Us - Tulele Peisa

Friends, if you are a blogger or you have a passion for writing, then you can share your information with the whole world through this website. Apart from this, if you publish the article on our blog, then we will give all the information in your Author Bio so that millions of people will be able to know about you.


  • You should write your article in the English language and also utilize great spelling & grammar tools to enhance your writing.
  • Articles should be brief because we always prefer well-written, non-promotional, conversational content.
  • Your articles need to be short of a minimal length of 500 words.
  • Your article should be 100% fresh and unique. Please do not copy the content from other websites– doing so will not be tolerable for anyone.
  • If we submit & post your article on a particular website, then you can not post the same content anywhere else.
  • You agree not to submit inappropriate content.
  • Submitted content must be original, you must own the right to use it, and all quotes and citations must be accurately attributed.
  • You agree to submit original content and never publish before content, and also that it is free of all forms of plagiarism.
  • Submitted content is subject to editing. This includes the title and subtitle.
  • Links and art may only be added when relevant, at the discretion of the editorial team.
  • Your submission of news content must not include promotional material or contain advertising. This means that no affiliates or casinos review competitors’ backlinks.
  • Your article should be free of typos and grammatical errors.
  • You agree that you are solely responsible for the content you submit.
  • You certify that you have the permission of others who have contributed to or displayed any Content you submit.
  • You acknowledge and agree that any use and/or reliance on any information obtained through the Interactive Forums is at your own risk.
  • For any Content you submit, you permit us to use such Content as we deem appropriate.
  • Our company does not hire full-time employees, we are an independent gambling website, we are publishing articles as a hobby and love for the gambling industry, to keep our readers up to date, and to enhance our writing skills. Portfolio for and in our core functions, so you should probably think of it as another job in your spare time.
  • Make sure you have read and agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

 Still interested, then go ahead?

What do We accept to Write for us Casino? posts original articles that share unique and worthwhile information on original gambling scenes. In structure, organization, and tone, composed excerpts should approximate news-style articles, purely research-oriented articles based on genuine sources. We want every form of written content on our site to be loud, and to fully reflect the personality of the author.

Written material may only focus on gambling.  We love everything related to the gambling industry.  Being constantly aware of the situation is what makes us different from the rest.

Let’s have a look at what type of articles we accept for our Write for us Gambling websites:

  • We prefer articles that contain unique ideas, compelling and even-handed opinions, and fresh and high-quality writing.
  • Your writing should contain well-structured passages with headings numbered or noted lists, tables, etc.
  • Your writing must include links to reliable references that can support your claims and ideas. You must use descriptive link content, instead of “tap here to learn more”. The linked text should be descriptive enough to the targeted link.
  • Your writing may include images to enhance the quality of the content (where possible). If you use images in your writing, don’t forget to include a short declaration about the relevant copyright and rights of use.
  • You have to write a guest post in at least 500 words but do not stretch the article without any reason. If there is a topic on which an article cannot be written in 1000 words, then you can write an article in at least 800 words.
  • The guest post you write for us must be 100% unique. If you send a copied post to us, then we will not publish your post, as well as winning bloggers are associated with us, they will also ask them to never accept your guest post.
  • We will definitely read your post once, if we do not find your post right for the user, then we will not publish the post. Apart from this, the post should be written according to the user and not according to the SEO.
  • We will give you only one Do Follow link in the blog but if your guest post is of good quality then we will also give your Author Bio in which you can also share your social media links.

How to search Casino & Gambling guest post sites ?

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  • Submit Guest post

Topics for guest posting on our website –

We are giving below a complete list of categories on which you can leak guest posts, but keep in mind that you do not write articles on the already written topics. With this, you first ask us on our email so that we can tell you

  • Internet
  • Technology
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gadget
  • SEO
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software
  • Company

Apart from this, you can write articles on any type of topic related to technology.

Benefits of guest posting on our website

  • If you write a guest post on our website, then people will know about you on the Internet and you will also get an online identity.
  • If you are a blogger then you will get 1 Do-follow Backlink for your blog and also you will get a chance to put your social media link in your Author Bio. The importance of a Do-Follow Backlink for a blog is well known to all bloggers.
  • With the help of guest posts, you can help people by sharing your information with them, the satisfaction you will get by writing articles on the internet will be huge for you.

Finally, please be aware of the fact that our audience is a knowledgeable group, and is generally well-versed with the daily happenings and developments surrounding the gambling industry. We suggest that each written piece has a strong opening case that is essential to grab the reader’s attention. In addition, each fact or statement must be adequately supported with sufficient source material.

If you want to publish your casino/betting article just email on this: [email protected]

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