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Buying the best insurance policies for health benefits

best insurance policies

Why do you need to buy a health insurance policy? You are probably spending your monthly income to buy assets, jewelries, or to buy any luxurious item. Do not forget to buy a health insurance policy and pay insurance premium regularly. You should always invest some portion of your income in an insurance company.  Wise investments can always provide the best financial benefits and also safeguard your life. You cannot predict your health condition as you may suddenly fall ill or even encounter unexpected situations in life.  Then, you may feel so uneasy that you are not able to handle such dire situation independently. You require someone to assist you to feel better. At this point of juncture, you should be admitted to the best hospital providing the best treatment. So, you can avail timely treatment if you are insured. But, today, the policyholders should pay GST on health care services.  So, you should pay tax along with the insurance premium and you may feel burdensome. But, you can avail additional financial benefits later on.

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Paying GST on insurance policies

The government has imposed GST on goods and services to prevent cascading effect. They are imposing the tax on the insurance premium policy holders also. The policyholders need not worry because they can avail tax benefits. If they are paying additional amount for insurance premium, then they can get tax benefits when they are filing returns. At the time of maturity, you can get more benefits.  The insurance companies are rendering useful services and hence they demand some fees. So, if you are policyholders you should pay insurance premium regularly along with GST on health care service.

What should you expect from the service providers?

As you are regularly paying insurance premium, the service providers should provide the best benefits when you are sick and require treatment. They should pay amount for hospital expenses, ambulance, room rent, examinations, post operative treatment etc. They should pay maximum amount so you need not withdraw cash from the ATM. The insurance companies should quickly forward the expenses to the hospitals and you should avail quick treatment. The best service providers provide discounts on insurance premium on periodic basis. The amount of coverage should preferably increase after every year. They should offer flexibility for payment and you should be able to pay premium regularly. You should not attract penalty for non-payment of premium. The Care Insurance provides the health benefits to the ailing people to recover from illness.  The settlement ratio of the insurance policy holders should be always higher. The insurance company should be associated with the best hospitals in the town so you can avail the best treatment from the best hospitals.

How is best benefited by the insurance policy?

Although, the health insurance policy is beneficial to everyone, some people are specifically benefitted from the policy.

People who are susceptible for any disease

The insurance companies also provide cover for the people who are susceptible to certain diseases for examination and undergo significant tests. It is known as a pre-illness cover. If you are suffering from any different symptoms which you did not experience earlier, then you should visit a doctor and get diagnosed. If you are diagnosed with any serious problem, then you can avail treatment as quickly as possible and reduce the severity of the symptom. People who are earlier diagnosed for the problem an even save life or increase life span. If diseases such as cancer are diagnosed at the first stage, then you can probably undergo the best treatment and even recover from the illness. So, you can live for 10 to 15 years at least without experiencing any problem. But, if you ignore, then you experience severe symptoms later on and the disease is progressed to the 3rd stage. So, insurance policy can increase the chances of survival.

People with auto-immune problems or senior citizens

Whether senior citizens or people with auto-immune problem commonly suffer form a common problem. They cannot easily fight against any disease or easily recover from their illness. Their ability to produce antibodies or build nutrients is deteriorating. Such people should be always insured so they can avail treatment as quickly as possible. They may suddenly fall ill and may suffer from usual symptoms. So, the Care Insurance provides policies specifically for senior citizens and they can purchase the best policy to be benefitted from the policy.

So, people with any chronic problem should be insured because they can experience severe symptoms later on. If they are insured, then they can avail timely treatment. Also, they can constantly visit the doctors and undergo examinations regularly to access their health. So, some policies are specifically meant for families also. They should buy such policies to benefit the entire family. Some diseases are infectious and hence can safeguard the entire family.

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