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Best SharePoint Web Parts That You Should Consider in Your Business

best SharePoint web parts

Ecommerce web platforms consist of many different elements that work together to make a complete and functional website. SharePoint web parts are elements or applications that contain various information and play a part in the daily running of a business.

If you are just starting an ecommerce business, then you need the best SharePoint web parts that perform functions such as task scheduling and management, bulk file actions, workflow management, password management, and notifications among many others. Since there are numerous web parts on the SharePoint platform, you can only take what is useful in your business. That said, we will take you through some of the best SharePoint web parts you should consider in your business.

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Best SharePoint Web Parts: Group Calendar Web Parts

In any business setup, the calendar app plays a big role. In an ecommerce business that uses an ASP.NET ecommerce platform, an SP calendar web part will be of great help. It shows all events that have been entered as well as tasks and to whom they are assigned. It creates easy collaboration among the team members, hence increasing productivity. Ultimately, a group calendar is one of the best SharePoint web parts for you to consider.

Bulk Actions Web Parts

Bulk actions include bulk file upload and download, bulk file unzip, and bulk file delete. Bulk approval and others reduce time and resource wastage in an ecommerce business. They come separately, and you can pick those that you need to manage your libraries and databases efficiently. The larger the business, the more bulk actions web parts you need. Choose carefully because each adds to your bills.

Best SharePoint Web Parts: Alerts and Reminders Web Parts

These are among the best SharePoint web parts because they keep teams and managers informed of different activities in the business. With this, one can set different alerts for different members and even customers to know when new products are added to the platform or editing is done on prices and descriptions. Reminders notify teams of the needed actions on different tasks and events. Alerts and reminders can be sent through email, text message, or notifications on the screen.

Resource and Team Manager Web Parts

Although you can use calendars to schedule tasks and monitor them for a small ecommerce company, you might need a detailed resource manager web part for a big B2B ecommerce operation with a large team of employees. Hence, a resource manager web part is one of the best SharePoint web parts that you should consider. Apart from assigning tasks, you can also monitor the workload of each employee and reassign tasks accordingly.

Password Management Web Parts

If you are planning to select a few solutions for your business, this should be among the best SharePoint web parts you choose. It is essential to manage all your passwords and those of employees to protect your data and content. Apart from keeping them, it will help the company recover passwords and reset them as needed.

With these SharePoint web parts, your business will thrive whether big or small. So, make the right decision right away and pick your best solutions.

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