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Best Design Features to Watch in 2022 for Your eCommerce Website

ecommerce website development

There are over 12 million e-commerce stores operating globally. They are selling all sorts of products, from gift items to healthcare products, toys, gadgets, books, stationery, office supplies, and whatnot.

And since the start of the pandemic, the e-commerce industry has experienced a sudden boom. More people are investing in e-commerce business given the massive potential of ecommerce website development.

But it’s not like a walk in the park; you have to put in a lot of effort in the beginning to drive sales and engagement. And one of the important ingredients for success in e-commerce is the design of your e-commerce website. 

Elegantly designed websites for desktop, mobile, tablet and all scenes nail the industry. They start small and eventually turn into big brands. So, how can you design exactly the kind of e-commerce website that will yield a dream ROI for you?

Best Design Features for Your eCommerce Website to Implement on Your Website

1. Light Mode

In our hectic, fast-paced lives, we all crave some peace and tranquility. And the light mode in websites seems to meet this objective. I know right now the dark mode is prevalent; it’s easy on the eyes – but it has downsides too!

Light mode brings more light and weightlessness to the online shopping experience. While using dark mode, excessive starting on the screen can be stressful for them; the light mode makes it a pleasant experience.

And as it goes without saying, the key to being successful in online business is providing a top-notch user experience. The light mode is certainly a part of it.

2. Out-of-the-Box Layouts

Have you noticed that more websites are coming up with unconventional layouts? Going out of the box is the new way to get noticed these days. After all, conventional stuff is considered normal, and who has time to pay any attention to traditional marketing?

Unconventional yet successful layouts are heavily reliant on visuals. It’s cool to have a video at the background of the home page, or an art gallery with infinite scroll. Long texts in the form of paragraphs are considered odd and old-fashioned today.

This is particularly important for e-commerce stores to stand out in the saturated niches where thousands of other sellers are selling the same product as you.

3. Micro Animations

Well-designed animations simply amaze your visitors. Animations instantly grab their attention and deliver a holistic e-commerce user experience that ultimately results in more conversions.

And these animations are not just for the sake of higher engagement or adding aesthetics to the design, but for giving a better view of the product to the prospect. 

For example, with micro animations, a visitor can find the most interactive parts of the store. A simple hover effect will reveal more views of variations of products, paving way for upselling to someone who was only interested in one variation.

Moreover, these animations let you add popular actions in shortcuts such as add-to-cart, share, and favorite. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be more creative and open-minded.

4. Live Search

It pisses people off when they land in a store but have to conduct tireless searching to find a product they need. Particularly in multi-product websites, where hundreds of products are being sold at once, it becomes a painstaking task for the user to access the desired product.

To overcome this problem, modern-day website designers are integrating search functions (using WP plugins). A search bar appears at the top of the website where the shopper can enter the name of a product, or keywords, and he will be able to instantly access the product he’s interested in.

5. Best Products to Go on the Home Page

Do you want to sell more, or build instant credibility? Then this is going to be a game-changing tip for you: keep your best products on the home page. This is what all brands do – particularly when they are selling a dozen different products.

No matter how many products you sell, your primary or best-selling ones are one or two. So they deserve to be on the home page. Website owners also display the customer reviews below those to introduce the element of trust.

Make sure you display high-quality images of your products ( as well as the people who review – with their permission) to make the offer more appealing.

6. Texture Backgrounds

Now, this might sound like a gamble to you, not everyone is going to like a textured background. But, then again, you want to stand out and do something out of the box to get noticed.

When done right, this approach will give a unique look to your website. Make sure you choose appropriate patterns to create this kind of background and have the right colors to eliminate any kind of distraction.


Starting an e-commerce store? Want to stand out? Then invest in your ecommerce website’s design. There’s no other way around. Only the best of the best acquire more customers and survive long-term, ordinary ones fade quickly due to lack of business.

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