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BDO Heavy Duty Packaging Cord

BDO Heavy Duty Packaging Cord

If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality cord, you’ve come to the right place. Heavy duty packaging cords from BDO are perfect for a wide variety of applications, including boxes for Imperial Cuisine and Alchemy. The wide variety of colors and lengths of BDO heavy duty packaging cords makes it easy to find one that’s perfect for your needs. Here’s what to look for, including the price, material used, and more.

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Added ability to package 10 Imperial Cuisine Boxes at a time

The new ‘Heavy Duty Packaging Cord’ allows you to combine up to 10 Imperial Delivery Boxes at once. This item is sold by the Lord of Heidel’s Handmaid, Carolin. You can find Carolin once per family, once per character. To obtain this item, you must have at least Processing Artisan Lv. 1 and Quest Type ‘Life’.

You need to stack the items before starting Imperial Cooking. If you stack food and make a large enough stack, you can use it to cook the food. If your stack is too big, you’ll have to start over again. Then, go back to step one and make another Imperial Bread. Use the new item to improve your cooking mastery. You’ll need 5 grains, 1 sugar, and 2 leavening agents. You’ll also need six water for the Imperial Bread recipe.


Heavy Duty Packaging Cord is an item you can buy from the Old Moon Guild for 1,000 Silver. You can use this to pack up to 10 portions of materials together. You can find this item in Imperial Cuisine boxes and Imperial Alchemy boxes. Moreover, it allows you to post comments, upload screenshots, subscribe to pages, and even add information to the database. So, you’ll be glad you purchased this item!

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