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Akiaco-Adding Colors to The Lives of Children

The demand for children’s cosmetics and high-end and luxury goods has increased in the global market due to the growth in the purchasing power of the general public. During this time, when the children’s beauty and cosmetic industry is witnessing a boom, a growing number of well-known children’s-beauty and cosmetic product manufacturers of the region, such as Akiaco, are also contributing to the expansion and growth of the children’s cosmetic industry. Countries around the world, particularly China, have experienced the fastest growth in this sector due to its rising economy. Due to the nation’s consumers’ growing acceptance of children’s cosmetics, China holds the largest proportion in the global marketplace.

Another reason why the children’s cosmetic industry has seen tremendous growth is because of parents’ willingness to buy these cosmetic products, which are now offered by many businesses operating in this sector. Private brand campaigns and increased spending on advertisements aimed at children have also contributed to an increase in the demand for cosmetics for children. Engaging television advertisements, access to the internet, and social media have also impacted young customers’ buying decisions regarding kids’ beauty care and cosmetic products. Children’s increased awareness of the most recent cosmetic launches and their various application methods has also significantly contributed to the demand for these products in the modern era.

Among the most widely used children’s-cosmetics are nail polish, perfume, shampoo, blush, eye makeup, lotion, face makeup, lipstick, and mascara. These products, which are made with natural substances, are becoming increasingly popular with kids all across the globe due to their lack of toxicity. Due to this rising public awareness of natural products, the children’s cosmetics market is expected to grow even more in the future as a result of the rising customer demand for environmentally friendly products.

Sometimes, children have a natural attraction to and interest in makeup, and many new-age parents have no problem if their kids dabble in beauty and fashion.They believe that kids’cosmetic kitswill not only help children in expressing themselves and their emotions but can also provide them with a creative outlet.

Makeup kits and cosmetic products manufactured by Akiaco are a great way to help a child gain self-esteem and confidence. It teaches them how to take care of themselves and lets them find out which products are best for their skin type.

Guangdong Akia Technology Co., Ltd, popularly known as Akiaco, has become a leading cosmetics manufacturing company of today’s time because of the unique and safe beauty and makeup products they offer. With over 40 years of experience in brand marketing, design, research and development, and manufacturing kids’ cosmetics, the company aims to provide environmentally friendly and non-toxic products such as children’s cosmetics, ghost festival cosmetics, sports cosmetics, youth cosmetics, program cosmetics, and plasticine to its target customers.

Akiaco, which has now become a market leader in the cosmetic industry, started as a trade of cosmetics raw material firm in 1982. It was only after moving to a new 10000m2 factory in 2005 that Akiaco came into existence. The company reached great heights when Moon Chan was appointed as the new CEO of the company in 2016. Under his leadership, Akiaco moved to a new 40000 m2 factory in Sanshui in 2022, from where it currently operates.

Since its inception, the company has been serving clients from all around the world and is offering a wide range of products such as Face paints, foundation, blush, face powder, concealer, contour, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, lip balms, high-quality nail polish, and Kids Makeup Kit.

To manufacture products following proper quality standards and the law, the company has acquired the ICTI certification, ISO22716 certification, AAAA cosmetics certification, ASTM toy certification, and GMPC certification, which are required in the toy and cosmetic industries. The company has also obtained production authorization and factory inspection certification from numerous customers in the world, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Walmart, Costco, Tesco, Target, Argos, Carrefour, Barbie, and SEDEX, to name a few.

Nowadays, there is a practice of giving kids cosmetics as gifts during holidays, birthday parties, and other occasions. Because of this, cosmetics manufacturers for children like Akiaco have expanded their product lines and are making huge investments in the production of safe cosmetics for children. Through their sparkling, shimmering, and attractive products, Akiaco is creating a magical place for children. Through their products, they have not only provided kids with a great way to express themselves but have also cemented their place in the competitive children’s cosmetic industry.

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