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7 Best Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction and looking for a cure? Check out the various foods and medicines that can help you!

You read that right! Several foods can help you with your problem of erectile dysfunction. It is a very healthy option and is better than gulping down several medicines. The hectic lifestyle of individuals and improper intake of food has resulted in several health issues. The right intake of vitamins and minerals from food can help you deal with a host of problems. Check out the various foods for erectile dysfunction:

1. Red Fruit – Watermelon

Watermelon has a good amount of citrulline which is a forerunner to nitric acid. It is really helpful in dilating and relaxing the vessels of blood. This helps in better and increased blood flow throughout your body.

2. The Green Leafy Vegetables Especially Spinach

Nitric acid is found in higher quantities in spinach and green veggies like kale etc. You could use them in salads, chicken soup, and various recipes. This gives your body fewer calories and great health by boosting your vascular system overall.

3. Yummy Coffee

Almost everyone loves coffee. If you don’t, start having it as it is said to help you out with erectile dysfunction. Caffeine is low in calories if it is consumed without sugar and can help relax the muscles. It can boost your energy levels by providing good blood flow.

4. Salmon Fish

This fish is very rich in vitamin D. The deficiency of Vitamin D can cause several problems like endothelial dysfunction, which means the organs of the body do not circulate the blood properly, this could also be the reason for your problem. So, eat salmon and increase your Vit D levels for the proper functioning of your body parts.=

5. Almonds and other dry fruits

Almost all dry fruits have a very good quantity of good cholesterol. This can absorb the bad cholesterol and get it discarded as waste from your liver. This is really important for the body as the arteries and vessels are cleaned by it and help in better circulation of blood in the body improving stamina.

6. Berries and Oranges

These fruits are very rich in flavonoids. There are almost 11-14% chances of improving your erectile dysfunction with the regular consumption of berries and oranges. Flavonoids are one of the best foods you can have.

7. Spicy foods

Spicy foods are known to increase testosterone levels in the body. If your hormones are balanced well, your body parts function well.

There are various medicines available in the market, if you want you can consume them after consulting your doctor. The stamina tablets like shilajit gold capsule can show you results soon, but the food will help you get the proper nutrients and vitamins daily. When you start eating healthy you feel the difference in a couple of months. Exercise and eat healthy and choose your medicines wisely. You will be able to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in a few months. Stamina tablets can give you the right energy levels without causing you any harm.

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