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5 Best Preschool Franchises in Gurgaon

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Preschool franchises present entrepreneurs with an attractive business opportunity. They aim to meet the needs of local communities while offering superior service levels and drawing customers through their doors.

After doing a deep analysis on the various franchise opportunities available out there, we have handpicked top 5 preschool franchises in Gurgaon.

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care is an educational franchise providing services to children of all ages. Their aim is to make an impactful difference in both children’s lives as well as their parent’s. Footprints provides franchise partners with support in sales/marketing/teacher hiring/property setup/location identification/set up.

Young children in Footprints’ care enjoy a safe and nurturing environment where they can learn, play, and flourish. Footprints’ Highscope curriculum was scientifically created as part of an intensive research-based program designed to encourage active participatory learning; additionally, Footprints stresses social emotional development which plays a crucial role in overall growth.

Footprints Daycare offers large group educational activities like music, dance and story narration to children in an open setting. Footprints believes children learn best when presented in large group settings which allows them to form teamwork skills and hone interpersonal abilities more quickly. Furthermore, Footprints is renowned for its exceptional staff training programs and support of aspiring educators; all employees at this daycare are highly skilled with strong work ethics as well as possessing in-depth knowledge of child development.

If you are looking for a preschool franchise in Gurgaon that can help you in earning huge profits without hassle then Footprints Preschool Franchise should be the one you can go for blindly.


EuroKids is a nationwide preschool chain offering Preschool Education Services, Play Group Prog and Early Child Care services to young children from birth through to 4 years. EuroKids was established in 1997 by co-founder Prajodh Rajan and now boasts 1,100 pre-schools and 38 schools nationwide providing employment to over 10,000 individuals nationwide.

EuroKids education system specializes in meeting the unique needs of each child while emphasizing early learning experiences. Their structured curriculum encourages curiosity and critical thinking within an engaging learning infrastructure to establish strong foundations for future education. Furthermore, their experienced faculty provides a safe and secure learning environment that ensures their safety and fosters sense of security for children.

EuroKids provides an assortment of educational toys and tools designed to support children as they reach developmental milestones. Their goal is to give every child the best start possible by developing cognitive, physical, emotional and social abilities; additionally the company provides ongoing professional development opportunities for its teachers.

To qualify as a EuroKids franchisee, a minimum 1500 sq ft space in a tranquil and secure location must be available. In addition, applicants should possess a solid understanding of education industry practices, be willing to complete a rigorous training program and commit themselves fully to the success of their business venture. EuroKids franchisees benefit from operational support services, curriculum training sessions and Edge 360 degree support to build successful businesses; with these efforts supporting more than 900 entrepreneurs – 80 percent being female!

Kangaroo Kids

This preschool franchise emphasizes a safe and fun learning environment for its children. Their teaching methods focus on individualised instruction that encourages kids to develop confidence and reach their full potential, while cutting-edge educational technology equips the little ones for digital life.

They use an iCan curriculum to educate children in science, math and reading while encouraging creativity and developing critical thinking skills. Furthermore, the children learn to express themselves through art, music and computer activities.

Little Elly Network was established in 2005, and today operates over 200 locations in India, providing preschool education and playgroup activities for children aged 2-6 years. They belong to their network which offers preschools and childcare centers for all age groups.

Preschools not only offer basic services like diapering and food service, but they also offer special classes tailored specifically for children – such as Flinto class for special needs children – but they offer many other courses designed to foster social and emotional development in kids.

BBK is a master franchise offering kindergarten, childcare and early childhood development programs to families throughout India and Dubai. The company currently boasts more than 100 centers in India and 25 in Dubai – and plays an integral part in India’s education system. They specialize in offering top-quality child care services; in fact they have won multiple awards for them! BBK is family owned and has more than 5,000 employees globally with products/services being made available to customers in India, China, South Africa and Singapore making BBK an excellent choice when searching for reliable preschool franchise options!

Hello Kids

Hello Kids is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited preschool chain catering to the middle segment of society. Their mixed curriculum structure emphasizes developing math, reasoning and problem-solving abilities among their pupils as well as providing training in communication, painting and skill building – not to mention low franchise fees that offer great returns on investments!

Growing Tree Kindergarten & Day Care is an award-winning preschool that provides children with a safe and stimulating learning environment. Their professional staff offers activities to aid growth and development while they also provide education, nutrition and care services.

Footprints Preschool and Day Care has built up an outstanding reputation within their industry, providing young children with an engaging learning environment while assuring parents of its high quality education. Furthermore, Footprints Preschool and Day Care offers extracurricular activities aligned with national standards – offering families peace of mind about their child’s education experience.

Kangaroo Kids is a well-recognized preschool that provides high-quality educational services, using montessori, playway and gurukul methods that promote whole child development. Their school currently operates over 30 units throughout India – making it one of the top preschools nationwide! Franchise opportunities for Kangaroo Kids preschools can be found in select locations with minimum square footage requirements requiring at least 2500 square feet for successful operation.

Brainworks preschool boasts an attractive business model that presents entrepreneurs with an opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs. Their research-based educational system covers students aged 0-6 years. Franchisees receive extensive support from Brainworks’ corporate office as they become involved with their local communities; franchise locations may include residential areas or malls.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool provides top-tier education that equips children to build strong foundations for future learning. Their friendly and nurturing environment fosters creativity and imagination while teaching independence and responsibility. In addition, the company offers enrichment programs and activities designed to support holistic child development – such as outdoor learning journeys, hands-on experiments, discovery time sessions and multi-media learning programs.

At our school, we offer an innovative Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This approach facilitates social and emotional development in children by cultivating feelings of belonging, instilling love of learning, and cultivating a positive view of the world around them. In addition, physical sensory activities as well as developing critical thinking skills are offered here.

Students learn to recognize and name letters, sing phonic action songs, read two-letter words and participate in role-playing games designed to foster creativity as well as gross and fine motor development. Questions are welcomed while sharing opinions is strongly encouraged. Using their fingers for writing letters, painting or drawing or playing with blocks.

The school offers a large outdoor area and modern facilities. They also provide various learning opportunities, such as STEAM activities and treasure hunts, along with nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack for students. Furthermore, an extensive library with various books and resources is provided as well. In addition, this school is part of the International Montessori Association.

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